Post release of the 12th International Specialized Exhibition УCLIMATE WORLD - 2016Ф

Post release of the 12th International Specialized Exhibition УCLIMATE WORLD - 2016Ф

  • For the four active days of the exhibition: 23,940 visitors
  • More than 250 participants from 23 countries
  • The extraordinary success of the Business Program among specialists: more than 1150 delegates

March 1 to 4, in Expocentre (Pavilion є2) was successfully held the specialized exhibition of the advanced developments in production and introduction of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial cold "CLIMATE WORLD-2016".

Lots of visitors, great activity at the stands of the exhibition, those are visible results of the most anticipated exhibition event in the HVAC&R industry. For the four days, this international platform for business meetings and presentation of innovations was visited by 23,940 people.

The exhibition deserved its indisputable authority among the professionals for his versatility. For manufacturers the "CLIMATE WORLD" is the shortest way to the market, for government agencies and businesses it is the ability to respond quickly to any challenges in the HVAC & R industry.

"This exhibition, of course, is a part of our image. It maintains our reputation because we are fighting for the title of a stable, reliable partner, regardless of the events taking place in the economy. Here are really a large number of our customers: design engineers, representatives of installation companies, even students. In general, we are very satisfied with the quality of visitors"

Julia Semenova, Marketing Communications Manager, Systemair

The exhibitors of the "CLIMATE WORLD" were more than 250 largest manufacturers and distributors of HVAC equipment, as well as installation, design and engineering companies from 23 countries - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Republic of Belarus , Republic of Korea, Russia, Serbia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan.

Among them were the world famous brands: Samsung, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Systemair, Aereco, Bühler-AHS, Gree, MDV, Hisense, Meibes, Carel, Condair, Rosenberg, TROX and others. Equipment of these manufacturers were represented directly at the stands of their Russian representations and at the exposition of companies RUSKLIMAT, BREEZ HVAC systems, White Guard Trade House, CHERBROOKE, Thermocool RUS, Hiconix, HOGART, RM VENT, Euroclimat and a number of other organizations.

Among the foreign exponents, at the exhibition took part well-known for Russian consumers companies Siemens, Eliwell, ebm-papst, FRITERM, Güntner, Karyer, LU-VE Group. Russian manufacturers and distributors of HVAC equipment were presented by the group of companies VEZA, Marcon-Kholod, VOZDUHOTEHNIKA, System Control, Teplomash, Promyshlennye holodilnye sistemy, Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory, Tropik-line and a many others.

"In my opinion, there are regional projects, there are the HVAC equipment sections at other exhibitions, but if we talk about a global event in the industry, in the common opinion of the market this status belongs to the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD."

Aleksandr Stepanov, Director of BREEZ HVAC systems

For the industry professionals, the "CLIMATE WORLD" is traditionally a good place to discuss the current challenges of the market. This year, more than 1,150 delegates attended the Business Program of the exhibition.

Traditionally, the most important event for professionals was the X Anniversary International Congress "Energy Efficiency. XXI Century. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings". There were discussed the issues relating to the methods of reducing energy consumption of buildings without compromising the quality of construction, presented examples of solutions and their implementation in practice, discussed the issue of regulations. At the end of the congress was held the public discussion of the “Albums of standard solutions” in several areas: automated heating stations, the thermal energy metering stations, piping attachment units. According to the participants, the Congress once again confirmed its relevance of the issues discussed, and its high practical value for the specialists of different levels.

This year, the exhibition official partner became the European Committee of manufacturers of ventilation and refrigeration equipment EUROVENT. Representatives of this association visited the exhibition once more to share their experiences and present key technologies in the field of HVAC equipment at the seminar EUROVENT/APIC INNOVATION/HUB. The emphasis at the reports was put to improving energy efficiency of various types of HVAC equipment: air curtains, ventilation and humidification systems.

For the first time, within the framework of the Business Program of the exhibition the Russian Union of Refrigeration Industry and Engineering University jointly organized and held a Forum "Refrigeration industry: current state, problems and ways to solve them."

At the Forum, the experts discussed topical problems of modern refrigeration engineering, in particular, the ways to overcome the dependence on imports of refrigeration equipment, the establishment of industrial system of professional qualifications, measures to support research and development in the industry, introduction of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and other important issues for the industry.

After the Forum, at the scientific and practical conference "Development of the industry of cold at the present stage", took place a sharp discussion on the issue of selection of refrigerants for refrigeration equipment and the relevance of the ban and real need for the transition to new refrigerants.

Special place at the Business Program took the section "School of Young Scientists". There were presented the reports of engineers, students and postgraduates of the leading specialized universities of the country.


"This is the perfect space not only to solve the current business issues, but also to understand in general where we will go, to set a vector based on what is happening in the industry. For many companies the difficult time means cutting expenditures:  saving on advertising, saving on staff. At the same time, it is impossible to skimp on the possibility to gather all the key players in one place, to show all what you can do, to do the competitive audit, to see what your competitors offer and to make some conclusions. In my mind, this is one of the most effective investments into marketing tools. In this case, this exhibition, we can say, is a number one tool for the business which is going forward and developing. Now the attendance of the exhibition becomes more professional because the accommodation, flight, time and everything costs money. In the previous periods people came just to look and talk, the rhythm of the exhibition was loose. Now everybody came with very defined objectives. That’s why the quality of the attendance and the number of visitors this year is significantly higher than in the past."

Mina Khachatryan, Director on Strategic Marketing, Rusklimat

"This year, the impression is very good. The "CLIMATE WORLD"is the only exhibition in Russia, where our company is represented, from participation in other projects we have refused. We work in different sectors: refrigeration, ventilation, HVAC equipment. Therefore, this exhibition for us is the ideal platform for presentation of our products to a wide range of consumers".

Andrej Honstein, General Director, ebm-papst RUS

"I do not think that the crisis it is time to abandon the show. Quite to the contrary, the crisis is just time to come up with new ideas, new solutions, new technologies, as we do. This exhibition has for us both image and practical importance: we present ourselves and our technology. Our potential customers are coming: our old partners and even private customers, we can right here on the bench calculate the project".

Alexander Stetsenko, Deputy Director, AERECO representation in the Russian Federation

"Company Hogart marks its 20th anniversary, and we want to celebrate this event with our customers, partners. So we are at the exhibition. This year there were a lot of visitors, and we tried to pay attention to everybody. Sometimes we even had to gather guests in groups and literally organized the group tours at our stand because of the lack of personnel. The market needs the "CLIMATE WORLD" and we are happy to participate in it".

Natalia Dovgaluk, Marketing and Advertising Manager of Hogart

"Every self-respecting company should take part in the "CLIMATE WORLD" exhibition, to show itself to Russia and to the world. Everyone here has a positive and festive mood. The crisis does not affect this exhibition, the stands are not cheaper, everything remains at a high level".

Maxim Bychkov, VEZA

"We choose the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD"because we like to work directly without intermediaries with Russian engineers. This way we know better their strengths and weaknesses, in order to offer the best solution. As to the crisis, we do not feel it at all. Hospitals and data centers are being built, there must be humidification and cooling. New big office buildings are also being built, the old ones are being and reconstructed, so we don’t worry about the future of the industry".

Irina Bernstein, Director on Business Development, in Russia Kazakhstan and Belarus, Condair

"Russian market is important for foreign companies, they treat it with respect. Previously, a lot of components were designed at the request of the Russian market, but they were produced abroad. Now the production of these components starts in Russia. So, it's time to share achievements at the exhibition. Here is a lively dialogue between professionals, which helps to form a clear image of what they need to create modern energy efficient solutions which will ultimately satisfy customers' requirements. "

Ivan Smerdov, Leading Engineer on balancing and thermostatic fittings, OOO Maybes RUS

The organizers of the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD"were the company Euroexpo and the Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC).

Traditionally, the event was held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Active support for the exhibition was provided by the leading industry associations and organizations:

  • • General partners - Self-regulatory organizations "Union of designers of engineering systems of buildings and installations" (UNION "ISZS - Proyekt") and "Union of installers of engineering systems of buildings and installations" (UNION "ISZS - Montazh");
  • • Official Partners - National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) and the European Committee of manufacturers of ventilation and refrigeration equipment EUROVENT;
  • • Russian Union of Refrigeration Industry (ROSSOYUZHOLODPROM);
  • • Non-profit organization "National Association of surveyors and planners" (NOPRIZ);
  • • Non-Profit Partnership "The National Association of self-regulating organizations in the field of energy audit" (NP NOE);
  • • Non-commercial partnership "ABOK NORTHWEST."

Sponsor of the registration of visitors at the "CLIMATE WORLD-2016" was the company Hisense.

Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD" 
February 28 to 3 March, 2017 in "Expocentre"!

Post release of the 12th International Specialized Exhibition УCLIMATE WORLD - 2016Ф