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ROSSOYUZHOLODPROM at the Business Program of the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD-2017"

The second year running, within the Business Program of the "CLIMATE WORLD" exhibition, APIC and ROSSIYUZHOLODPROM jointly organized events dedicated to the Russian refrigeration industry. At this year exhibition, there were held the First All-Russian Conference "Business and Education", the scientific and practical conference "Development of the Industry of cold at the Present Stage - 2017" and the School of Young Scientists named after professor I. Kalnin.

Business Program of the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD-2017": XII International Congress "ENERGY EFFICIENCY. XXI CENTURY and ABOK seminars on technology

For many years, the International Congress "ENERGY EFFICIENCY. XXI CENTURY. Engineering methods to reduce the energy consumption of buildings" is the central event of the exhibition “CLIMATE WORLD”. The 12th session of the Congress was traditionally devoted to the energy efficiency of the building engineering systems, the problems and prospects of development of the climate equipment and the Russian climate market, development and introduction of the construction and professional standards.

Business Program of the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD -2017": issues of the industry of cold

Within the Business Program of the "CLIMATE WORLD-2017" exhibition, the Russian Union of Enterprises of Refrigeration Industry (ROSSOYUZHOLODPROM) together with the Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC) held a series of events dedicated to the strategic tasks for the domestic refrigeration industry.

Business Program of the exhibition "Climate World-2017": the choice of professionals

There are more than three months to the start of the exhibition "Climate World-2017", but the preparation of the Business Program goes on with full pace. Each event held within the Business Program helps to increase the interest to the exhibition and growth of the information exchange between the visitors and participating companies. That’s why the quality of the content of the Business Program is one of the main goals of the exhibition organizers for several years running.

Exhibition "Climate World". How to attract visitors to the stand

Each company participating at the exhibition "Climate World", by all means tries to attract to its stand as many visitors as possible. To this end, the invitations are sent, the appointments are made, the souvenirs are distributed, the raffles are held, etc. Any activity of this kind has its own specific features. Editors of the magazine "Climate World" decided to help the participants of the exhibition "Climate World" to organize a campaign well and to attract more visitors. In order to do this, we met with Alexander Orekhov, Head of Advertising and Marketing Department of Euroexpo.

Business Program of the exhibition "Climate World 2016"

The exhibition "Climate World - 2016" would remain in the memory because of the most extensive and diverse Business Program in its history. This year it included 12 events.

CLIMATE WORLD-2016: inspiration for struggle

Every year in early spring, the companies of the HVAC & R industry gathered in Moscow at the exhibition „Climate World“ to demonstrate new HVAC & R equipment, to tell about their achievements and plans for the future, and to coordinate their activity for the benefit of the industry.

Forum and Scientific Conference under the auspices of ROSSOYUZHOLODPROM

Business Program of the exhibition „Climate World — 2016“ included a number of events organized jointly by the Russian Union of Enterprises of Refrigeration Industry (Rossoyuzholodprom) and the Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC). At the focus of the participants and guests of the Forum „Refrigeration industry current situation, problems and solutions“ and the Conference „Current development of the industry of cold“ were the issues of the choice of refrigerant for the refrigeration and climate systems, as well as the issues of the import substitution in the Russian refrigeration industry.

2016 agenda: why the Climate World exhibition?

There are less than three months before opens the exhibition „Climate World — 2016“, the main event of the Russian HVAC market. Many companies have already decided on the format of their participation. For those who have not yet made a final decision, we would like to remind about the advantages the exhibition gives to the participants, and why it is especially important for the HVAC companies to be represented at the exhibition exactly now. In order to do it, we talked with Mikhail Strigun, Organization Director of the exhibition company EUROEXPO.

Why take part in the exhibition Climate World 2016 and how to save money at the same time?

Pavel Caplin, Deputy Executive Director of APIC, answers the most frequently asked questions of the exhibition „Climate World“ potential participants.

— Why take part in the exhibition „Climate World — 2016“, but not in other exhibition projects close in their thematic?

First. The exhibition „Climate World“ is a Russian project. At the project are not involved foreign exhibition companies interested in promoting their concepts of business management, foreign technologies, products and services that do not always coincide with the interests of the Russian market participants.

Second. Next year, „Climate World“ will be the only major Russian specialized HVAC & R exhibition project. As far as we know, foreign companies decided not to hold in 2016 Chillventa Russia, neither SHK.

Exhibition "Climate World": we get over the crisis together!

Exhibition „Climate World“, which is annually organized by APIC and Exhibition Company Euroexpo, remains the most important event of the HVAC&R industry in Russia and the CIS countries. Share of the HVAC market professionals in the total number of guests is 96%. Participation at the exhibition allows the companies to increase sales, build long-term relationships with buyers and sellers of HVAC equipment, improve their image and also to assess accurately the market prospects and the demand structure. The exhibition „Climate World“ survived the economic crisis of 2008-2009 with no losses. Is it ready to pass the new survival test?

US and EU sanctions imposed in response to joining the Crimea to the Russian Federation affected different sectors of the Russian economy: defense, energy, and banking. Russia responded with the food import embargo. The sanction confrontation and low oil prices caused devaluation of the Russian ruble and stagnation of the Russian economy.

Exhibition CLIMATE WORLD - 2015. Safe island in a sea of economic cataclysms

How much time will you need to visit personally all the leading HVAC companies in Russia, hold business talks with their leaders and conclude cooperation agreements? Perhaps, only to travel from one town to another it will take some weeks! However, you can fulfill this task faster, let’s say for 3-4 days. It’s enough in early spring to come to the main show of HVAC&R industry in Russia and CIS countries, the exhibition „CLIMATE WORLD“.

In 2015, the specialized exhibition of advanced technology in the field of production of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial cold „Climate World“ was held in International Exhibition Center „Crocus Expo“.

Changing the site (last few years „Climate World“ met the guests at the Exhibition Center „Expocentre“ on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment) had no significant impact on either the scale of the exhibition, or the number and professional composition of its participants and visitors.

CLIMATE WORLD 2015: heading to energy efficiency and updating the regulatory framework

One of the key events of the exhibition „Climate World — 2015“ was its Business Program. VIII International Congress „Energy Efficiency. XXI Century“ was the key event of the Program. During 3 days the leading Russian and foreign experts of HVAC industry together with representatives of the Government discussed the topical issues of the industry: updating the legal and regulatory framework, methods of improvement of energy saving and implementation of energy service contracts, as well as the market prospects in today’s realities.

Congress „Energy Efficiency. XXI Century“ was opened with the panel discussion „Improvement of energy efficiency in real estate in Russia“. It was moderated by Alexandr Grimitlin, Member of Board of NOP, Chairman of Committee on regulating and technical standards for industrial and civil use, President of NP ABOK NORTH-WEST.

Evolution of the exhibition stand

Modern approaches to the creation of exclusive exhibition stands.

The exhibition „CLIMATE WORLD“ is considered to be the main exhibition event of the HVAC&R industry in Eastern Europe. HVAC companies apply great effort and money to prepare for it.

Traditionally, at least 75% of the exhibition area is occupied by exclusive exhibition stands. They are constructed on individual projects, using sometimes non-standard creative solutions in design and applied technology.

There is little limitation for creating exclusive stands: first, the budget of the customer; second, the presence of spare space; third, the creativity and technical capability of designer and contractor.

Approach to the construction of exclusive stands constantly changes. We would focus only on some general trends.

"CLIMATE WORLD 2014". Facts and Figures

March 11 to 14, 2014, in „Expocentre“ Krasnaya Presnya (Moscow) was held the 10th jubilee International Specialized Exhibition of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial cold „Climate World 2014“. The Exhibition proved to be extensive, substantial and interesting. It was confirmed by the attendance and other statistical indicators. „Climate World 2014“ traditionally has a huge impact on the HVAC market of the Russian Federation

Have you ordered something new? Overview of the exhibition "CLIMATE WORLD 2014"

March 11 to 14, in „Expocentre“ at Krasnaya Presnya (Moscow) the jubilee 10th International Specialized Exhibition of Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Industrial and Commercial Cold „CLIMATE WORLD 2014“ was held. The event was traditionally organized by the exhibition company „EUROEXPO“ and the Association of Professionals in Industry of Climate (APIC). The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation was the patron of the Exhibition. More than 23,000 people visited the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ within three days.

Comments of participants about the Exhibition "Climate World 2014"

At the exhibition “Climate World” we have the opportunity to demonstrate once again our potential as one of the leading suppliers of HVAC equipment and keep contacts with our customers who regularly come to this key industry event. It’s also important for us to find new partners. The reality even exceeded expectations: here were more visitors than last year. So, for the first three days our managers established more contacts than for the same time of last year’s exhibition.

VI International Congress ENERGY EFFICIENCY. XXI CENTURY. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings

March 11, 2014, in Moscow „Expocentre“ within the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ was held the spring session of the VI International Congress „Energy Efficiency. XXI century. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings“. The forum was organized by the National Association of Self-Regulated Organizations in the energy audit (NOE), the National Association of Builders, National Association of Designers, NP „ABOK NORTHWEST“ and NO „APIC“. Congress was supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Russian Energy Agency, the National Agency of low-rise and cottage construction, the Russian public organization „Business Russia“ and the Russian Union of Builders, with the participation of NP „ABOK“ and OOO „Euroexpo“.

Introducing the new image of Exhibition Climate World

The jubilee 10th International specialized Exhibition "Climate World" will be held in March, 2014. Over the years, from a modest professional-oriented project on the Russian HVAC&R market, the Exhibition has turned into the main annual exhibition event for our industry, the main platform for communication of the market specialists. In 2012, Exhibition "Climate World"  obtained the status of «UFI Approved Event», thus indicating the recognition of its importance by the global exhibition community.

Taking in consideration the new status of the Exhibition, we decided to emphasize the positioning of "Climate World" in the cyberspace and in the real professional environment. We believe that now we can speak about the Exhibition as one of the country's biggest business forums of professionals, where the latest design and business decisions are presented, as well as technical and technological innovations in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and industrial refrigeration.

Exhibition project Climate World: ascending development

In 2012, Exhibition „Climate World“ — the main exhibition event of the industry of climate in Russia and CIS — obtained the status of «UFI Approved Event». It indicates the recognition of importance of the Exhibition by the global exhibition community. The following year, the Exhibition celebrates the anniversary and will be held for the 10-th time. We asked one of the organizers of the Exhibition, the executive director of APIC Dmitry Kusin about the main stages of development of the project, its present day status and the immediate prospects.

Exhibition Climate World 2013: statistics of success

Exhibition „Climate World“ is the main exhibition event of HVAC&R industry in Russia, it is the opinion of the majority of professionals in the market of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Annually this event brings together the cream of the climate community of our country, as well as the CIS countries and far abroad. How many visitors were registered at the exhibition „Climate World“ in 2013, where are they from and what were interested in?

Exhibition Climate World 2013: the novelty factor

The 9-th Exhibition “Climate World” once again confirmed its reputation as the premier exhibition event of the HVAC industry in Russia. It brought together a record number of participants: more than 400 companies presented new HVAC equipment of Spring-Summer 2013 season. The Exhibition was located in two pavilions of Moscow CEC “Expocentre” , number 2 and the number 8.

Opinions of participants and visitors of the exhibition Climate World 2013

Leonid Kiryakov, General Climate, President:

- Exhibition „Climate World“ this year, I think, has been very successful. A lot of new players, good stands, very creative and colorful. Many interesting ideas, a lot of new equipment.

The exhibition is clearly a locomotive of our business of air conditioning, heating and ventilation. The exhibition brings together everybody and gives new impulses and ideas. Furthermore, it is a benchmark at which orient many companies including our.

Results of V International Congress Energy Efficiency. XXI century. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings

March 11-13, the Fifth International Congress „Energy Efficiency. XXI century. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings“ was held within Exhibition „Climate World — 2013“. The Forum traditionally started in Moscow and would be finished in autumn in St. Petersburg.

Congress started with a thematic panel discussion „Improving the energy efficiency of real estate facilities in Russia“.

After the official welcome speech by Ilya Ponomarev, Chief of Staff of NOSTROY, a report „Challenges and ways of implementation of the State Program„Energy saving and increase of energy efficiency for the period up to 2020“ was delivered by Leonid Piterskiy, Vice President and Chief of Staff of the National Association of SRO in the Energy Audit. This presentation outlined the main directions of debates in the panel discussion, which can be grouped into three main blocks: regulation and legislation, housing and communal services, issues of energy efficiency.

Want to be in trend? Take part in the Exhibition!

International specialized exhibition Climate World is the most anticipated and intriguing event of the domestic HVAC & R market. The exhibition is held every year in early March, and puts together all progressive-minded representatives of HVAC & R business. Interest to participate in the World Climate is increasingly growing. Today its just a time to take decision on the participation of your company in the ninth (from the year of foundation: 2005) exhibition Climate World to be held in March 11  14, 2013 at Expocentre. There is still some time to prepare your participation, but the countdown has already started.

The records and prospects of the exhibition Climate World

The Eighth International Specialized Exhibition Climate World  2012, held in Expocentre Krasnaya Presnya March 12  15, 2012, was a full scale proof that the climate industry in Russia was in the process of sustainable development. We asked the Director of the Exhibition Climate World Vera Schukina to give her assessment of the event.

Climate World 2012: from large-scale changes to the stable development of the market!

The eighth annual exhibition Climate World, held at Expocentre March 12  15, 2012, once again confirmed its status of the biggest industry event, making trends of development of the domestic HVAC & R market.

Climate World 2012: Business program of the Exhibition

March 12 to 15, 2012, in Moscow traditionally is to be held the main event of HVAC & R industry: exhibition Climate World 2012. This time it will be hosted not in one but in two pavilions of the Exhibition Complex EXPOCENTER. At the Exhibition will be represented many new companies which did not take part at the Climate World before. Business program of the Exhibition is expanded significantly as compared to the previous exhibitions. Here is the detailed description of the Business program of his year.

Exhibition The World of Climate 2012 - the choice of professionals

In the nineties, the companies worked in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration, and with the engineering systems in general, were considered to be a representatives of only a small segment of the construction market. The best illustration of this fact was that HVAC&R companies had only small and isolated booths in all kinds of construction exhibitions.

Climate World 2012: an important tool for success

March is the beginning of the season in the climate business. By that time, the leading industry players complete the preparation of proposals and orders, price lists and catalogs. In the beginning of March, HVAC&R companies go to the exhibition Climate World, where they discuss their plans for the nearest future. So, the exhibition is an essential event for any company which wants to work confidently and profitably during the summer season

Climate World 2011 Exhibition: Figures and Facts

It is common knowledge that organization of the international specialized exhibition, Climate World, consists not only in creating conditions for manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate their HVAC&R novelties or providing means for communication and making deals or holding workshops and panel discussions but also in performing laborious task of statistics survey. Analyzing data received during the exhibition, we could reveal strong and weak points of its organization, take them into account next year as well as make a conclusion regarding the state of the HVAC&R industry in whole and predict its development for a year.

Conference UNIDO/GEF/MINPRIRODY OF RUSSIA project presentation at Climate World Expo

Early in March, within the framework of Climate World exhibition, under the auspices of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, a conference devoted to the presentation of the project of UNIDO/GEF/Minprirody of Russia for ozone-depleting substances phase out took place. During the conference, representatives of government authorities, international organizations and major companies in HVAC&R industry discussed the most urgent issues related to Russias fulfilling its obligations under the Montreal Protocol.

Climate World2011: First Days of the New Season

In the first spring days the HVAC&R industry witnessed the seventh Climate World2011, annual exhibition organized by the Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC) and Euroexpo. Cold wordings of final reportssomething like "more than 300 companies from 27 countries participated in the event and 21,393 people visited the exhibition"conceal meetings of old friends, new business relations, sharing experience, informal communication and, of course, presentations of leading edge products that will set the new seasons trends.

Business Program of Climate World 2011

From March, 1 till March, 4, 2011, at IEC Expocentre, there will take place the 7th international HVAC exposition Climate World-2011. The main event of the industry is held with the support of the Council of Federation and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Climate World features not only the scope of the exhibit but its business program dedicated to the most topical issues of development of HVAC&R business in Russia.

Climate World - 2011: Whats new at the show?

Even now, many companies engaged in HVAC&R and construction business start preparing their marketing plans for 2011. Among other things, those companies decide on the form of participation in the largest HVAC&R exhibition Climate World-2011. To help you make informed choice and invest with the highest efficiency, we decided to tell you about novelties of our exhibition

Climate World 2010: ending up with the crisis - getting to work

From March 9 till March 12 at IEC Expocenter (Krasnaya Presnya) in Moscow, there took place the Sixth International Specialized Exhibition Climate World 2010 organized by Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC) and Euroexpo. Climate World is not just the largest HVAC exhibition in Russia, but it is the only project assembling HVAC companies and firms specializing in industrial and commercial cooling equipment. Besides, the exposition presents building automation and control systems; tools, consumables, refrigerants, oils; training, job placement and consulting services on the HVAC&R market.

Climate World 2009 expo: impossible is achievable

From the 10th till the 13th of March, 2009, in Moscow, there took place the fifth, anniversary, international specialized exhibition Climate World  2009 representing the whole range of the Russian climate industry market. Among the participants there were leading international and Russian manufacturers, distributors, engineering, mounting and project companies, industry associations, companies providing services for training specialists at the Russian market of systems of conditioning, heating, air ventilation, industrial and commercial cooling equipment. Such manufacturers as AHI CARRIER, ALISEO GROUP, ARCELIK A.S., BALLU, BITZER, DANTEX, EBM-PAPST, FRICO, GENERAL CLIMATE, GEOCLIMA, GREE, HAIER, HITACHI, LG ELECTRONICS, ROLS ISOMARKET, ROSENBERG, SHANGHAI VS IMP&EXP., SHARP ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMAIR, TESTO AG, WEISS KLIMATECHNIK, ZIEHL-ABEGG; AMALVA ; VEZA , DELSOT , CLIMATVENTMACH , MEDVED CONCERN , KORF , LISSANT VENTILATION PLANT, NORMAL VENT , TEPLOMASH , TROPIK , FOLTER , RM VENT, VKT, KRUKOVSKY VENTILARONY ZAVOD, PROMKHOLOD, NOVENCO, AERMEC, BAUKLIMA, SPS-KHOLOD, FREETECH, CIAT DISTRIBUTION, and many others presented their own stands. Chinese factories were also widely represented (over 30 stands), among others  Galanz, Midea factories groups. The production of other manufacturers was presented at the stands of Russian distributors.

About exhibition, market, business ...

Second International Exhibition World of Climate-2006 was a good opportunity for participants and visitors to meet professionals of the market and potential customers of HVAC equipment and service, and was a really good ground for free communication and conversation.

For us, as the orginizers of the exhibition, the most interesting was opinion of the visitors and participants about the exhibition in particular, and about our business, trends and situation in the Russian HVAC market in general.

We were a little anxious because the new exhibition complex Crocus Expo was not well-known enough that time, and was situated rather far from the center of Moscow. It could have affected the number of visitors. We also felt a bit uneasy because we held that exhibition only for the second time. But despite all our anxiety the number of visitors exeeded all expectations  more than 12 thousand people visited the exhibition, it was one and a half time more than the previous year. We were also glad to see that there were almost no casual people and so called vacuum cleaners  professional idlers who visit all exhibitions indiscriminately. Almost all our guests came to exhibition on purpose, looking for information, partners or some specific equipment. So, from this point of view the exhibition was successful. The serious analysis of the statistical data and thorough study of all results is under way