"CLIMATE WORLD 2014". Facts and Figures

March 11 to 14, 2014, in „Expocentre“ Krasnaya Presnya (Moscow) was held the 10th jubilee International Specialized Exhibition of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial cold „Climate World 2014“. The Exhibition proved to be extensive, substantial and interesting. It was confirmed by the attendance and other statistical indicators. „Climate World 2014“ traditionally has a huge impact on the HVAC market of the Russian Federation.

Intensive growth strategy

CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and Figures First exhibition „Climate World“ was held in 2005 in the pavilion „Forum“ of „Expocentre“. Area of its exposure does not exceed 5000 m2. In just 10 years, the project has grown stronger and has become the largest exhibition event of HVAC&R industry in Russia. It has no equal in the entire post-Soviet space!

In 2014, the area of the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ once again increased significantly: to the pavilions number 2 and number 8, where the event was held in 2013, was added a pavilion 1. As a result, the total exhibition area increased by more than 6000 m2 exceeding 30000 m2.

The rapid expansion of the exhibition without compromising quality characteristics was noted by many reputable organizations and media, including foreign ones. On the background of stagnation and negative dynamics of a number of international exhibitions, „Climate World — 2014“ once again demonstrated how in very difficult conditions should be organized the exhibition business, favorable for the entire climate community.

Table 1 Organizers, partners and sponsors of the exhibition "Climate World 2014"

Organizers of the exhibition Company „Euroexpo“ and the Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC)
Patrons Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation
Support National association of designers (NOP)
National Association of Self-Regulating Organizations in the energy audit (NP NOE)
Non-commercial partnership NP „ABOK NORTHWEST“
Official partner of the exhibition National Association of Builders (NOSTROY)
General partner of the exhibition Self-Regulating organization SRO NP „ISZS-Montazh“
Self-Regulating organization SRO NP „ISZS-Proyekt“
General sponsor of the exhibition DAICHI
Sponsor of the exhibition IGC

CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and FiguresThere are many reasons to believe that the positive dynamics of the project will continue in 2015, when the exhibition will greet the guests at the IEC „Crocus Expo“, the exhibition complex of the European level, more convenient for both exhibitors and visitors according to the most of the indicators. The larger showrooms allow the companies expanding the area of their booths, we are sure that many participants would use this opportunity. So, the total area of the exposition „Climate World 2015“ even with the present number of participants may increase significantly

The whole world in the palm

The exhibition „Climate World“ allows for a short period of time to get acquainted with the most promising offers of the existing HVAC&R market, including current models of climate, refrigeration and ventilation equipment, tools, accessories, materials. Stands at the exhibition are rented by manufacturers and distributors of climate and refrigeration equipment, installation, design and engineering companies, specialized media and other specialized organizations.

Aims of visiting the exhibition
Diagram 1. Aims of visiting the exhibition

By the number of participants the exhibition „Climate World“ set in 2014 a new record: there participated 394 companies from 29 countries (for comparison, in 2013, the products were exposed by 387 companies from 28 countries). And the spectrum of exhibitors this year undergone some changes as compared to previous exhibitions.

In 2014 at the exhibition worked almost all the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of industrial fans. For many of them the choice of „Climate World 2014“ was not only desired, but the only possible because of absence of other similar exhibitions in Russia. „Climate World 2014“ is the only exhibition which allows exposing ventilation equipment so comprehensively and usefully.

In addition, the increasing number of ventilation companies at the exhibition was caused by a noticeable revival of the industrial ventilation market, which experts attribute to the beginning of modernization of industrial sector in Russia, including the modernization of military enterprises.

CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and Figures Many companies presented energy-saving equipment: room air conditioning systems as well as complex climate and technological installations with cooling capacity of the tens or hundreds of megawatts. Boom in the field of energy saving technologies is the trend of the HVAC&R industry development worldwide because energy prices in most regions of the world are growing steadily.

Many Russian and foreign public and commercial organizations and mass-media took part in the exhibition „Climate World“ in 2014 for the first time. This extension of the number of participants confirms the recognition of the exhibition by professional world climate community.

So, National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) for the first time presented its own stand, by the way, the official partner of the exhibition.

Journal JARN, well-known throughout the world climate community, had its stand at the „Climate World 2014“. This publication, issued in Japan in several languages, is now considered to be the most authoritative specialized edition devoted to the world HVAC-market news and reviews.

CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and Figures In the exhibition for the first time participated leading European association EUROVENT which brings together 15 professional associations from Europe, which, in turn, represent the interests of more than 1,000 manufacturers of air conditioning, air handling, heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Felix Van Eyken, Secretary-General of EUROVENT headed the EUROVENT delegation. He noted not only the scale of the exhibition, but also its excellent organization. He expressed his intention to take part in the business program of the next event, where representatives of EUROVENT plan to hold a series of roundtables on energy efficiency issues, rulemaking and certification.

Interest groups

While panning the participation in the exhibition „Climate World“, organizations usually are interested in the number of visitors and their professional level. This is not surprising: the data on the composition and number of visitors allow to determine the value of one exhibition contact; it helps to elaborate the proper strategy and tactics of participation in the exhibition and correct advertising budget.

Traditionally „Climate World“ is held in the format of B2B. Among the visitors of the exhibition, the number of professionals working at HVAC&R industry is not less than 90%. In 2014, the exhibition was visited by 23,506 people, 91.16% of them indicated in the questionnaire „professional interest“ as the aim of the visit.

The study once again confirmed that most of the guests of the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ are the people responsible for making decisions. Their percentage was 52.24%, among them 26.15% are General Directors, 16.58% are Top Managers and Heads of Sectors, 9.51%.are Technical Directors.

Official level of visitors
Diagram 2. Official level of visitors
Sphere of activity of company
Diagram 3. Sphere of activity of company

Interest of Managers and Chief Executives of HVAC companies can be explained by the practical usefulness of the participation in this exhibition. At the exhibition „Climate World“ in just one day you can conduct several productive negotiations with companies whose offices are physically separated from each other for thousands of kilometers, discuss commercial terms and sign profitable contracts.

At the exhibition the very atmosphere, for creation of which the organizers of the exhibition are traditionally spend a lot of time and effort, is comfortable for business communication of the first persons.

CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and Figures Very productive at the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ was the work of the representatives of scientific community: scientists, professors and students composed about 7% of visitors. Many of them came to the exhibition to see new equipment and materials, to obtain comprehensive advice on new technologies directly from their developers.

11.5% of the guests „Climate World 2014“ registered as designing engineers, 7.75% — as installers of HVAC equipment. For these categories of visitors exhibition provided an opportunity to meet new technical solutions, techniques, equipment for installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment.

As compared with previous years, significantly increased the number of visitors who operate HVAC equipment. This is clear evidence that many industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as the hospitality industry companies (hotels, hotels, restaurants) are looking for the ways to reduce the operating cost of installed earlier climate equipment.

The success of the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ was largely predetermined not only by the content of the main exposition, but also the by quality of the preparation and organization of the Business Program. At the events of Business Program are traditionally raised the most relevant issues of the industry, the key issues and prospects are discussed.

The main event of the Business Program of the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ was the spring session of the VI International Congress on „Energy Efficiency. XXI century. Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings“. For three days of work it was visited by more than 800 specialized professionals, representatives of scientific community and public authorities.

“We know, we are satisfied…”

It’s xtremely important for organizations that plan to participate in the exhibition „Climate World“, to identify the channels through which information about the exhibition goes to the visitors, as well as to assess the level of satisfaction of guests with information support of the exhibition event. This is necessary, in particular, for the organization of the own advertising campaign that can achieve this goal.

Information about the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ its visitors obtained from their friends and partners (about 32% of registered guests), from advertising on the Internet (16%) and via electronic mailing (9%). Traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, in 2014 attracted to the exhibition 2.9% of the visitors.

How did you know about the exhibition
Diagram 4. How did you know about the exhibition?

At the same time, most visitors (50.21%) to the question „How did you know about the exhibition?“ in 2014 reported that they visited it before. Thus, we can say that most of the guests really enjoy the exhibition or at least have got practical benefit.

In general, the vast majority of questioned visitors of the exhibition „Climate World 2014“ were satisfied with the level of its organization. Participation in the event allowed them to significantly expand the horizons of communication, establish new business contacts and simply had a good time.

As it was already noted, in 2015, „Climate World“, would be held in „Crocus Expo“, pavilion 1, March 3 to 6. It is expected that this event will be a record from both content and attendance points of view. Active preparations for the exhibition „Climate World 2015“ are already going on now!

Material has been published in the magazine Climate World: CLIMATE WORLD 2014. Facts and Figures