Air Conditioners

Automobile air conditioners

It is a new section of the exhibition.
Automobile air conditioners control temperature, purity and circulation of air inside a car.

Household air conditioners

Household air conditioners traditionally include wall-mounted split-systems, the most popular and the most widespread on the market, as well as window units and floor-mounted mobile ones.
In other words, the group includes the air conditioners that are most often installed by ordinary people in their flats, country houses or offices. The major ad battles between competitors are around some vanity features of these devices.

Semiindustrial air-conditioners

They are ceiling-mounted, cassette, duct and stanchion air conditioners. They can be rarely seen in an ordinary flat but mainly in a bigger office, production facility or a restaurant. The market share of semiindustrial air conditioners has grown significantly in the last few years.

Multizone split-systems

Multizone systems make possible the air conditioning of several rooms or even of the entire building. Internal blocks of various types (wall-mounted, cassette, duct, ceiling-mounted) can be installed in the rooms of a building to control the air parameters of every one of them separately. There is a sharp dispute on the market nowadays on what is better a traditional "chiller + fan coil" unit or a multizone split-system.