Automation and building management systems

Building management system is a set of hardware and software means for centralized monitoring and control of building systems. Information on all the equipment integrated into building management system is displayed on the computer monitor in real-time mode.

Automation and management systems for air conditioning, ventilation and heating solve the following main tasks:

  • Automatically maintain the specified indoor climate.
  • Ensure reliable and faultless functioning of integrated systems.
  • Save on running costs and maintenance (lower energy consumption and higher reliability of equipment).
  • Lower expenses on highly qualified (and highly paid) personnel.
  • Safety of the equipment, service personnel and users.

Installation of modern automation and building management systems will ensure:

  • Real and complete picture of the state of all systems of the building at any moment.
  • A handy graphic interface with all pieces of equipment presented as mnemonic diagrams.
  • Fast and adequate reactions to emergency conditions.
  • A possibility of sending alarm signals to a monitor display, printer, remote computer, pager, and mobile phone.
  • Recording all system events, which make it possible, in many cases, finding the reason for an emergency condition, the person responsible for it, as well as avoiding its occurrence in future.
  • Fast and precise reaction to environment changes.
  • Recording of accrued operating time of equipment and notification on needed preventive and scheduled maintenance and thus prolongation of service time of the systems.
  • Wider potential of even smaller service personnel.
  • Possibility of statistics collection and prognostics.

Within the framework of the exhibition will be represented and dealt with:

  • The companies that produce or supply to the Russian market equipment for automation and building management systems.
  • The companies that design, mount, commission and start-up the systems.
  • Software for automation and building management systems.
  • Topical issues in the sphere of automation and building management systems, including “building management systems and intelligent building”.