Oil-filled heaters (radiators)

Oil-filled heaters (radiators) are the most common, reliable and popular household heaters in Russia. It would seem that there is no room for anything new or interesting in this appliance. But nonetheless the manufacturers develop new technologies every year enhancing its heat output, producing special versions for children, adding heat ventilators and clothes driers, special sensors and timers, changing the way of mounting (e.g. floor or wall dual mountable type) and so on.

Infrared heaters

Only a few years ago the words “infrared radiation” could frighten the man in the street. Though the principle of infrared heating is the same as that of the sun. Infrared rays are not absorbed by air and all the energy from an infrared heater reaches surfaces and people to be heated loss-free. IR heaters are irreplaceable when spot heating or heating of a limited zone is needed. They are in demand when heating spacious rooms is economically unreasonable and only an operator's position. Electric IR heaters are the most common but in some cases and areas it is more economically sound to use IR heaters on gas or diesel fuel.

Fireplaces on gas, electricity, firewood

A fireplace is not only a heat source but also a source of feeling of cosiness and comfort in a home. Fireplaces can use firewood, gas and electricity. The line of fireplaces is not well established with traditional climatic companies. They deal mainly in electric fireplaces and less in gas and firewood ones.

Heat cannons

Heat cannons are powerful fan heaters (as a rule over 3 kW). They provide economical and fast heating of rooms, warehouses, workshops, conference halls and construction sites. They are also used for drying and ventilation purposes. Electric heat cannons are more common, followed by those working on diesel fuel, gas and hot water.

Carbon and halogen heaters

Household carbon and halogen heaters provide a directed heat flow that heats people and things in the room. These heaters are very efficient and consume significantly less electric energy. They are used for heating smaller rooms and for local heating. You can see last season's hits and new models of carbon and halogen heaters at the "Climate World" Exhibition.


Convectors are light convenient and noiseless wall mounted heaters. It is a rectangular body made of metal with a heating element in its lower part. Fast and noiseless heating is achieved thanks to active thermal convection.

Household fan heaters

Household fan heaters are used for additional heating of smaller rooms, for example in a flat. The most commonly used heating elements are spirals and ceramic plates.