Industrial refrigeration

The sphere of industrial refrigeration embraces systems of cold supply and systems of maintaining the temperatures necessary for solving these three main tasks:

  • Freezing and cold storage of foodstuffs in warehouses, stores, restaurants and so on;
  • Technological conditioning of production facilities;
  • Refrigerating equipment for various technological processes.
  • The industrial refrigeration market of Russia is growing steadily since:
  • Russia is characterized by a considerable growth of industry;
  • At the same time, almost 30% of Russian enterprises are equipped with practically obsolete machinery.

Unfortunately, at present it is still early to speak of a rapid growth because not all potential buyers can afford expensive equipment.

Industrial refrigeration is not yet a major section of our exhibition, though many of our participants and first of all manufacturers and engineering companies work successfully in the sphere. Within the framework of the section dedicated to industrial refrigeration you can contact manufacturers of the following equipment:

  • Compressors and compressor-condenser units,
  • Cooling towers,
  • Cold rooms, doors and plastic curtains,
  • Freezer chambers,
  • Fast-freezing units and tunnels (shock freezing of foodstuffs),
  • Ice builders,
  • Environmental chambers for sausages and cheese,
  • Environmental chambers for ripening fruit and vegetables
  • Equipment for meat and dairy production,
  • Complex equipment for supermarkets and catering industry.