Professional Training, Employment, Consulting Service in HVAC&R market

One of a new important sections of "World Climat" Exhibition is "Training, employment, and consulting services at HVAC&R market". It's not a secret that any company's success depends in many respects on the qualification of its employees.

At the markets of climatic equipment and refrigerators, several companies operate in this fields; the fields of these companies' activities almost don't overlap. For instance: AVOK, Arktika, Daichi, Ostrov, Thermocool, UKC APIC. In this field, Non-profit Partnership "Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heat Supply, and Constructional Thermal Physics" (NP "AVOK") holds issue-related seminars on a wide range of issues. Besides, industrial standards and guidelines issued by specialists of AVOK are widely recognized.

Training and consulting center of APIC conducts training in several main areas for specialists of different qualification. The main areas are: climate company manager, mounter, manager of climatic company's service center; also, there is a special course on building automation. The list of professions is constantly growing.

Daichi training center performs training and advanced training of specialists of reselling companies in the field of selection, mounting, and servicing air conditioning and ventilation systems supplied by Daichi. On-site training is performed by professional trainers having large experience of practical work with equipment. Visiting teaching on the basis of regional representative offices of Daichi is also used. Distance programme is an addition to traditional forms of teaching and is intended for independent training of personnel of Daichi's regional representative offices and dealers through the Internet. At completion of a training course and subject to testing, the attendants receive personal certificates.

"Ostrov" training center performs training on ten programmes of additional professional education in the field of refrigerating appliances. During the lessons, modern refrigerating appliances are studied as well as their selection, mounting, operation and testing. Besides theoretical lectures, students, under the guidance of their teacher, perform all cycle of pre-commissioning and commissioning on training refrigeration appliances; also, students perform diagnostics of possible failures and faults. There are performed regular seminars for administration of industrial enterprises, issued reference and scientific and technical books, as well as there are performed many other events.

"Euroclimate" company is widely known among specialists for its unique literature issued in "Library of Climate technician" series. "Euroclimate" Training Center conducts regularly seminars on mounting, designing, and servicing of various climatic equipment, business seminars for administration and managers.

In 2005, Moscow Representative Office of LG Electronics Inc. announced the beginning of implementation of the long-term programme for theoretical and practical advanced training of climate industry specialists, and LG Academy for Conditioning was opened. This program is aimed at advanced training of personnel of companies operating in the field of management, designing, mounting, and technical servicing of climatic systems manufactured by LG Electronics Inc. company; this program also is a basis for further strengthening and active development of business relationships between the Company and its partners.