Expendable materials and tools

Sealing materials, heat transfer pastes, fluxes

Sealing materials, heat transfer pastes and fluxes are used during mounting, repair and maintenance work.
  • Fluxes are used in soldering to prevent the oxide coating on base metals.
  • Heat transfer pastes protect soldered joints from loosening, for example, in case of soldering next to them. Besides, they prevent colour change in case of heating.
  • Sealing materials are used for sealing small holes and cracks in evaporators, condensers and piping.

Insulation (thermal insulation)

Thermal insulation of air ducts and pipes is done:
  • To prevent heat and cold losses.
  • To prevent condensation on surface of ducts and pipes.
  • To exclude frosting up of ducts and pipes in rooms without heating.

Tools and instruments

At the "Climate World" Exhibition you can meet various manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, tools, instruments and gadgets used for mounting and maintenance of climatic systems. They are namely: vacuum charging stations, charging cylinders, vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, ball valves, leak detectors, hygrometers, thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters, pipe cutters, pipe benders and much more.

Copper pipe

No modern air conditioning system can be mounted without copper pipes. Copper pipes are used in water supply and heating systems. Outlays on copper pipe are a significant part of total expenses of any company whose line is installation of HVAC systems. A good pipe should be hermetic, withstand the necessary pressure, be flexible enough for mounting, have the right chemical composition (suitable for soldering, for example) and meet the existing norms. Manufacturers from Italy, the USA, France, China, Taiwan and other countries are widely represented on Russian market nowadays.

Plastic pipe

Plastic pipes are extremely widely used, from fixing separate sections of piping to mounting self-contained heating and water-supply systems, including heated slab systems. Their advantages compared to steel pipes are quite obvious, they do not rust, they can be used with any type of water, and they are easily mounted and have a long service life. One and the same pipe can be used both for water supply and for heating systems.

Freons and oils

Freon for an air conditioner is like gas for a car. No system will function without freon. Oil is used for lubricating parts of compressor in rubbing contact. The two words are placed together because definite oils are compatible with a definite group of freons. You can learn here what oils and freons are compatible with what air conditioning systems, tendencies on the markets of these goods and where to buy them.

Metalware (expendables)

Expendable metalware are those arms, brackets, fasteners, bolts, nuts, studs, pins, wood screws, cross-arms and other attach hardware indispensable for mounting an air conditioner, for example. If you add up all the expenses on these small things that has to make a company that is in the business of mounting air conditioning or ventilation systems, especially on larger-scale projects, you'll appreciate why this section of the Exhibition can help a head of a company or of its purchasing department save significant amounts of money.