Ventilation and ventilators

Household ventilators (floor, table-top)

Floor and tabletop ventilators are the simplest and the most widespread ones used for ventilating smaller rooms.
Though some market participants look down on this purely domestic appliance it is sold in high season like hot cakes.


This section is the most popular and the most widely represented at the Exhibition. You can see here any type of ventilators and ventilating units: axial fans, centrifugal fans, and tangential fans; heat-resistant, anti-rust, explosion proof and dust proof ventilators; duct and roof ventilators; low- medium- and high-pressure fans. The newest and the most interesting models will be that were shown by Veza, Moven, Arctos, Systemair, Spiro, Ostberg, Pyrox, DEC, Xpelair, Veab, Frivent and many other companies.

Unit ventilators

Unit ventilators as distinct from fans or ventilators are not separate elements or parts of a system but wholly assembled plants that depending on their function can be of inlet, exhaust or reverse type. They can be used for a wide variety of solutions: from ensuring a normal air change in living quarters or industrial facilities to air dehumidifying in swimming pools.

Air grilles and diffusers

Air grilles and diffusers are used for air intake, air supply or air distribution throughout the served area. Attractive and elegant looking air grilles and diffusers enhance the design of the room in which they are installed.

Air ducts

In ventilation and air conditioning systems the air is supplied through air ducts. They can have round or rectangular cross-section. As for their material they can be of metallic, metallic-plastic or non-metallic materials. They can be flexible, semi flexible; can have thermal insulation or function as a noise muffler.

Noise dampers for ventilation

A noise damper is an element of ventilation systems. It has a large surface and is muffled with noise damping material. Plate and pipe dampers are more commonly used. You can get information on prices and the main manufacturers of noise dampers at the Exhibition.